Photo live in Gutersloh, Germany
Dark, moody and uplifting electronic sounds from the North of England....  Way back in 1995, musician Adrian Collier was playing bass in his band ‘The Fokker Pilots’ when he was offered a live residency gig at Quasimodo’s in Barnsley town centre. It was just a free beer affair so grabbing his Atari ST and a few other Pilots (Lee Harston (vox) & Simon Wren (guitar) the first carnation of Auto-Pilot was born The regular Wednesday night residency soon blossomed into  regular nights across the UK . Many gigs were played and one album (Ocearina) was recorded until the project shelved in 1997. Re-emerging in 2007 two full albums were released, ‘Ocearina’ & ‘Out Here’ (Holophon), 2 EP's soon followed, ‘Lights Across the Street’ (Broque, 2008) & ‘A Fractured Echo’ (51beats, 2009). The release of ‘The Atlantic Machine’ (9 Volt, 2012) lead to performing live again including an appearance at the Electronic Circus in Germany supporting kraftwerk's founder member Michael Rother. In 2014 ‘Auto-Pilot returned to Germany to attend the Schallwelle Music Awards having been nominated for both the best international album and international electronic act. Adrian signed to Flicknife records and released the early 80’s electronic throwback album ‘8-Zero’ in 2015. This was followed by a period of music writing that was used in TV shows and much time was spent with experimental work including a growing interest in meditation, mind travel and self searching into mind, body and spirit. The next full blown album arrived dropping the Auto-Pilot tag in favour of his own name. In late 2018 ‘Lost In Fractal Forest’ by Adrian Collier was released signed to ambient relaxation label Medwyn Goodall Music. About