Releases Out Here (re-issue) Inside me energy Out here The bass box Space - I will never leave here Robot monster Spoon full of sugar CF2 Control my mind Remembering Depth Mobo Thanks for the memory Composed and produced 2007 by Adrian Collier Licenced by 9Volt records 2009 Distribution Kontor New Media GmbH iTunes/Amazon etc Release date 4th June 2009 (Re-Issue) 9VR-002 c2009 9Volt/BeatsDigital 2009 Ocearina (re-issue)  Strange angel Dial a hit Ocearina Gulf Breeze 31am & rising Space Talk Dream Ooh Ooh Ooh Trip city No way Composed and produced 1996 by Adrian Collier. (Ooh Ooh Ooh Collier/Harston) Licenced by 9Volt records 2009 Distribution Beats Digital Release date 2nd June 2009 (Re-Issue) 9VR-001 c2009 9Volt/BeatsDigital 2009 . The Atlantic Machine Sunrise Over After The Big One Do Not Resuscitate (feat SHAM) Stop The Clock Life The Atlantic Machine Golden Touch My New Friend Project 89 Level One Composed, produced & recorded 2012 by Adrian Collier Mixed 2012 by Adrian Collier & Greg Bonnier. Mastered at Mastering Perfection, Holland, by Michael Jansen Cover design by Coloursounds. Distribution Kontor New Media GmbH Release date 1st May 2012 9VR-08 c2012 9 Volt
8-Zero Fusion 8-Zero Photos of You Artificial Robots in the factory Unknown Song Crystal Minds Almost There In Heaven Island Within Fly My Kite Headcloud End of Time Spooky Composed, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Adrian Collier Release date - May 4th 2015 Label - Flicknife Cat no. SHARPD15074